Beginning in April, we convened a Virtual Grantees’ Meeting Planning Committee consisting of
TA & Support Center staff, DHSPS staff, National Healthy Start Association (NHSA) staff, and Project Directors representing new and more established grantees from around the country. This group guided the agenda development process and worked to ensure that every plenary, lunch networking café, and breakout session aligned well with the Healthy Start approaches and benchmarks. We are thankful for their many contributions and for their commitment to making the first-ever Virtual Healthy Start Grantees’ Meeting a success. We hope that you will conclude and agree that this planning committee did an outstanding job planning this virtual experience.


Planning Committee Members:

Vanessa Lee, Mary Emanuele, Sonsy Fermin, and Anne Leitch – MCHB/DHSPS

Kenn Harris, Nikki Maffei, Olivia Giordano, and Jordan Tate-Thomas – NICHQ

Deborah Frazier and Sheree Keitt – NHSA

Sampson McClain and  Eulalia Gillum – University of Houston Healthy Start

Mary Alice Garay – Ben Archer Healthy Start

Dianne Browne – Camden Healthy Start

Cynthia Dean – Missouri Bootheel Regional Consortium

Yvonne Beasley – Healthy Start at Marion County Health Department

Moraya Moini – Strong Start Initiative LA County Healthy Start

Lisa Matthews – Cleveland MomsFirst