The Healthy Start TA & Support Center is excited to be working in partnership to support Birthing Cultural Rigor®, LLC (BCR) as they offer the first and only two-year community-led quality improvement and implementation research study designed to address obstetric racism and advance obstetric patient safety at the state level, using The Patient Reported Experience Measure of Obstetric Racism©, also known as The PREM-OB Scale™. Funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Community-led Accountability & Transformation in Care experiences and Hospital culture (The “CATCH” Pilot) aims to name and measure obstetric racism as an adverse using The PREM-OB Scale™ during childbirth hospitalization and up to one year postpartum among 1000 Black or African American mothers and birthing people that meet pilot eligibility in selected counties in Georgia, Ohio, Michigan and Tennessee to complete The PREM-OB Scale™.

This research is being led by Chief Black Feminist Physician Scientist, Karen A. Scott, MD, MPH, FACOG, founding CEO and owner of Birthing Cultural Rigor®, LLC (BCR); funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation; and will be implemented by using The Patient Reported Experience Measure of Obstetric Racism©, also known as the PREM-OB Scale™, developed by Dr. Scott.

What is the CATCH Pilot?

This pilot consists of the following four activities:

  1. Recruiting 1,000 Black or African American mothers and birthing people that meet pilot eligibility to complete the PREM-OB Scale™ by sharing their birthing experience
  2. Recruiting 40 of the 1,000 eligible Black mothers and birthing people to share their postpartum health and mental health care expectations, needs, priorities, experiences, and preferences at 1, 3, 6, 9. and 12 months postpartum
  3. Identifying 60 eligible patient, community, and hospital representatives to share their experiences with and/or observations of obstetric racism and hospital patient safety programs during childbirth hospitalization up to one year postpartum
  4. Recruiting at least 400 eligible and verified professionals – from community health, health care, public health, public policy, improvement science, implementation science, dissemination science, and data science – to participate in a four-part workforce evaluation and training series, and demonstrate improved practical knowledge and skills in recognizing, reporting, and responding to obstetric racism as an adverse event and patient safety indicator.

The CATCH Pilot has launched in 12 different states, including Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas. The TASC is working in partnership with BCR to support the implementation of the CATCH Pilot with Healthy Start sites in Georgia and Michigan. We encourage Healthy Start sites in all 12 of these states to share this information with participants in their communities. We encourage you to join this incredible opportunity and share it with anyone you think would be eligible.

How can you and your Healthy Start community engage in this work?

You can share this opportunity with participants at your Healthy Start sites, as well as anyone who you believe could be eligible to participate in this incredible research opportunity. We also have flyers located here that you can use to spread the word about the CATCH Pilot within your respective communities.


Why should you participate in the CATCH Pilot?

Dr. Karen Scott has dedicated over 25 years to improving birth outcomes of Black mothers and birthing people as an improvement and implementation scientist, activist, teacher, community based OBGYN physician and applied epidemiologist. Her work is centered around uplifting the voices of Black mothers and birthing people. By participating in this pilot project, Black or African American mothers and birthing people will have the opportunity to use your voice and experience to help facilitate much needed changes in our systems.


For a more in-depth description of the CATCH Pilot and to review the participation requirements, please click here.


If you are interested in learning more about participating as a patient, community, or hospital representative in the implementation of The CATCH Pilot in Georgia, Michigan, Ohio, or Tennessee please send your inquiry to or