Project Directors are responsible for establishing staffing models that support the delivery of high quality and effective services to Healthy Start program participants, and assembling staff with the skills and expertise to successfully deliver services. Project management may be part of the Project Director’s responsibilities or a separate Project Manager role. Project management responsibilities cover eight areas: Scope, Human Resources, Budget, Schedule, Communication, Quality, Contracting, and Risk.Image of project management areas: scope, human resources, budget, schedule, project management, communication, quality, contracting, riskFor more information and resources to help you manage your Healthy Start program, visit the Project Director’s Guide and Project Management Hub. Each section of the Hub contains an overview of the project management area, guidance specific to Healthy Start programs, HRSA resources and tools, and other resources. If you are interested in learning more about the history of the Healthy Start Program, visit the Program Overview page.


Check out the video below to hear from Healthy Start Project Directors.


Watch this video to hear project directors from around the country describe the essence of the Healthy Start program by finishing the sentence “Healthy Start is…” (5 mins)