JSI Research & Training Institute operates the Healthy Start EPIC Center. JSI’s mission is to improve the health of underserved people and communities and to provide a place where people of passion and commitment can pursue this cause. For 35 years, JSI staff in its eight U.S. offices have provided high-quality technical and managerial assistance to public health programs across the nation. Learn more about the services JSI provides to the Healthy Start grantees.


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The Executive Leadership Team provides comprehensive oversight, guidance, and monitoring to the Healthy Start EPIC Center. Meet the team!




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The Training and Technical Assistance Team develops and delivers curricula through coordinated training activities to increase the knowledge, skills and abilities of all HS team members from frontline staff to project directors. We also provide technical assistance through a variety of methods that effectively address program-specific challenges and capacity building needs. Meet the team!



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The CoIIN Team Coordinates the Healthy Start CoIIN, a partnership of Healthy Start grantees dedicated to strengthening Healthy Start services and systems, in order to advance program goals to reduce infant mortality and improve birth outcomes. Meet the team!




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The Help Desk Team offers a direct phone line and email for Healthy Start grantees to contact the EPIC Center for questions related to (but not limited to) the Healthy Start CHW course, technical assistance, training opportunities, and more. Meet the team!




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The Online Technologies and Materials Development Team designs, and develops maternal, child and family health informational and training materials and resources, including e-learning modules, and disseminates them through Healthy Start EPIC Center, website, e-newsletter, and social media. Meet the team!