Now in Session: 2022-2023 Healthy Start COIN on Structural Determinants of Health

The 2022-2023 Healthy Start Collaborative Innovation Network (COIN) on Structural Determinants of Health is running from November 2022 through September 2023. The Healthy Start TA & Support Center (TASC) hosted a kick-off webinar for this COIN in September 2022, called the Healthy Start Collaborative Innovation Network (COIN) Creation: Fleshing Out “Out of the Box” Ideas webinar. If you were not able to attend, you can view the recording here.



A Collaborative Innovation Network (COIN) is a team of self-motivated people with a collective vision, enabled by the web to collaborate in achieving a common goal by sharing ideas, information and work COIN participants will:

  1. Create and sustain a “cyberteam”
  2. Foster innovation through immediate and ongoing communication across all levels
  3. Ensure work is done in patterns characterized by meritocracy, transparency and openness to contributions from everyone
  4. Create innovations that are open and disruptive


View the video below to join Kenn Harris, Executive Project Director of the Healthy Start TA & Support Center, for an introduction to the Healthy Start COIN.


Inaugural COIN (December 2020 through December 2021)

In November 2020, Healthy Start grantees were invited to apply to join the inaugural Healthy Start COIN. 10 HS projects were invited to form the inaugural HS COIN team and met from December 2020 through December 2021. The COIN team collaborated to build resources for Healthy Start CANs that guide and promote the achievement of health equity (i.e., where social determinants of health are examined and the barriers to improved health outcomes are addressed).

Below are products from the inaugural HS COIN team

  • Workgroup 1Assessing Your Healthy Start CAN
    Conducting a formal assessment of a HS CAN and its members is an important strategy to better understand a CAN’s process, progress, needs, and ability to achieve its mission and goals. The following document is a guide to assessing a HS CAN. Included in this guide are some suggested tools for assessment, and key questions that HS projects may use to customize the assessment process to fit individual project’s needs.
  • Workgroup 2 – Framework for Establishing a CAN that is Accessible
    A CAN is a formally organized partnership of agencies, community-based organizations, and community members that work together to achieve common goals for community betterment, and to coordinate services to improve health outcomes for all community residents. It is key that all collaborators have full access to HS CAN meetings and activities and develop and follow the rules of participation. These two checklists will help guide HS CAN Coordinators and members through the process of ensuring stakeholder accessibility and developing principles of participation.
  • Workgroup 3 – CAN Glossary
    A CAN is composed of many collaborators from different walks of life. A common language is needed for all members of the CAN to normalize conversations and support and encourage uniform understanding. The HS CAN Glossary is an alphabetical list of terms and words with explanations and definitions to support a common language amongst HS CAN members.


Additionally, view the video to meet the inaugural HS COIN team, learn more about their work, and learn about future opportunities to join the COIN.