Services Provided by the Healthy Start TA & Support Center

The Healthy Start TA & Support Center (TASC) provides training and capacity-building assistance to support HS grantees in improving their service delivery and meeting the Healthy Start benchmarks and four approaches. TASC conducts a variety of activities (e.g., topical webinars, cohorts, learning academies, training and certification scholarships, individualized technical assistance) aimed at strengthening and enhancing Healthy Start projects’ ability to reduce maternal and infant health disparities in their communities. TASC equips grantees with best practices in maternal and child health; facilitates grantee-to-grantee sharing of expertise and lessons learned; enables grantees to conduct ongoing evaluation of activities for effectiveness; and builds program capacity to work with community partners to improve health and social service systems for women, men, infants and families.


Training & Capacity-Building Assistance

TASC provides various training and capacity-building opportunities to equip grantees with core competencies and increase the reach and effectiveness of Healthy Start programs. These training and capacity-building assistance opportunities can be divided into three categories: those provided to all grantees, those provided to some grantees, and those provided to a few grantees.

All Grantees

TASC provides regular all-grantee topical webinars on subjects such as breastfeeding, equity, mental and behavioral health, fatherhood, and others. TASC also hosts Learning Academies, which allow grantees to a deep dive into specific topics (e.g., Quality Improvement, Community Action Networks, and Fatherhood).

Some Grantees

TASC provides opportunities for smaller groups of grantees to engage in targeted activities, such as the Healthy Start COIN, Cohorts, Mentoring Program, and the Trauma-Informed, Resilience-Oriented, and Equitable Care Community of Practice (TIROE CoP).

A Few

TASC provides scholarships for individual Healthy Start members to participate in trainings and certifications (e.g., Certified Lactation Counselor Training, Wellness Coaching Certification, National Fatherhood Initiative’s 24/7 Dads Training).


Individualized Technical Assistance (TA)

Individualized technical assistance (TA) provides tailored, in-depth support and guidance to an individual grantee or group of grantees, with an eye toward practical application of evidence-based practices targeting Healthy Start performance measures. Individualized TA is offered by TASC Subject Matter Experts and addresses specific needs and gaps identified by grantees, Project Officers, needs assessments, performance monitoring, and program evaluation.

Below is an overview of the individualized TA request and execution process. For more information, please see the What’s New at the Healthy Start TA & Support Center webinar recording and slides here.


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Healthy Start EPIC Website

The Healthy Start EPIC Website contains materials, resources, and tools to support grantees in delivering exceptional Healthy Start services. TASC uploads recordings and slides for each of its topical webinars; outreach and educational tools; evidence-based practices, and other resources on a regular basis.


Healthy Start CoLaboratory (CoLab)

CoLab is an online community where Healthy Start staff from all over the country can connect with one another, and ask questions, discuss their successes and challenges, and share resources. CoLab consists of a main feed where members can interact with each other by posting and commenting on each other’s posts. CoLab also includes closed groups, which are tied to specific training and capacity-building assistance activities such as Cohorts and Learning Academies. These groups allow grantees to post content and complete homework assignments related to the Cohort or Learning Academy in a central location. To request a CoLab account, please email [email protected].



CAREWare is a database offered at no cost to Healthy Start Grantees by the Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) Maternal and Child Health Bureau (MCHB). CAREWare was originally developed for HRSA’s Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program and is highly customizable. On behalf of and in partnership with the Division of Healthy Start and Perinatal Services (DHSPS), the Healthy Start TA & Support Center has adapted CAREWare to Healthy Start’s case management and reporting needs. CAREWare has been customized with the Healthy Start Data Collectio Forms, Monthly Agrgegate Report Template, and additional features. If you have questions about CAREWare, please email [email protected].