Compendium of Tribal Behavioral Health Resources

The Healthy Start EPIC Center’s Alcohol and Substance- Exposed Pregnancy Prevention (AStEPP) Initiative has developed this compendium for Tribal Healthy Start and home visiting programs, as well as others that work with Native American communities. Native Americans have complex risk factors for substance-exposed pregnancies, including high rates of substance abuse and teen pregnancy, poverty and lack of access to healthcare. While Native Americans face these health disparities, they also have many strengths to draw from, including cultural pride, traditions around holistic health and wellness, and higher rates of abstinence from alcohol, compared to Whites. This compendium lists the latest (last 10 years) resources pertaining to these behavioral health topics in Tribal communities. These resources can be helpful to support the behavioral health work of your program and/or partners, specifically with Native and Tribal communities.



Social Determinants of Substance Use During Pregnancy in Tribal Communities (Infographic)Graphic depictions of the individual, interpersonal, community, and societal social determinants of substance use during pregnancy in tribal communities

Where we live, work, play, and pray are significant to our well-being. These personal and environmental factors, known as social determinants of health, impact our behavior and health outcomes, including substance use during pregnancy. In this infographic, we outline the social determinants of substance use during pregnancy that are found in several Tribal communities into the Social Ecological Model (SEM) levels of influence: individual, interpersonal, community and societal. This infographic can be used to examine the social determinants of health that affect Healthy Start participants living in Tribal communities.



AStEPP is Proud to Present Two Videos Exploring Substance Use During Pregnancy in Tribal Communities

Through a partnership with the Northern Plains Tribal Healthy Start Project, AStEPP developed two short films examining factors that contribute to substance use, as well as those that help to prevent it: “The Importance of Trust in Substance Use Disclosure During Pregnancy” and “Social Determinants of Substance Use During Pregnancy”.