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Fatherhood Cohort

The goal of the Fatherhood Cohort is to convene Healthy Start grantees – who are prepared to and interested in enhancing and strengthening their fatherhood work – to create shared best practices for involving, connecting and engaging fathers along the MCH continuum and achieving the goal of enrolling 100 fathers in the HS program. Keep an eye on the Healthy Start TA & Support Center’s (TASC) newsletters and weekly update emails for updates on future cohorts. Click the image below to view the 2022 Fatherhood Cohort artifact.

Fathering in 15 Curriculum 

TASC has partnered with the National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) to make their one-year license of the Fathering in 15 curriculum available to all Healthy Start grantees. Fathering in 15 uses an online, mobile-accessible format that allows you to engage fathers in learning wherever they are, with no facilitator required. The curriculum takes dads through 15 interactive, engaging topics, each in 15 minutes. To learn more about the curriculum, please click here.

Partner4Fatherhood Group

TASC is excited to launch Partner4Fatherhood (P4F), an informal group that will bring together new and experienced Fatherhood Coordinators to connect, share wins and barriers, and discuss their Healthy Start projects’ work around fatherhood. All Healthy Start Fatherhood Coordinators and other staff who work with fathers are invited to join. In addition to serving as a fellowship opportunity with a mentoring structure, the group will allow participants to share their insights and concerns with the entire group while also being paired with another member for a more concentrated dialogue.

Quarterly Fatherhood Newsletter

Beginning in August 2021, TASC began distributing a quarterly Fatherhood newsletter! The Fatherhood newsletters will feature TASC events related to fatherhood, as well as external events and resources on the topic. This newsletter will be geared towards Fatherhood Coordinators and other Healthy Start staff who work with dads. The newsletter will highlight and promote learning opportunities, helpful resources, Healthy Start site and staff spotlights, commentary from experts, and so much more! If you or your site would like to share a success story about working with fathers in your community, please email [email protected]. To view the Fatherhood newsletters, please click the following links:


Building a Successful Fatherhood Program Training

Earlier this year, TASC and the National Healthy Start Association hosted the first-ever Building a Successful Fatherhood Program Training. This training is the first in a two-part series designed to support Healthy Start programs in developing, strengthening, and enhancing their fatherhood programs. The training helps grantees assess their fatherhood work and build from that point to ensure success in achieving the Healthy Start enrollment goals. Click the links below to access the training materials.


Fatherhood Learning Academy

In 2021, the Healthy Start TA & Support Center hosted the first Fatherhood Learning Academy. The goal of the Learning Academy was to examine the breadth and depth of the fatherhood movement in the 20th and 21st century, and to deeply examining the policies and practices that have influenced fatherhood programming that have either encouraged or impeded father engagement. This Fatherhood Learning Academy ran from July through November 2021. To view the Fatherhood Learning Academy materials, please click here.


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