Restoring Our Own Through Transformation (ROOTT) Learning Academy

Goals: To develop a progressive understanding of the Structural Determinants of Health and how they have led to the consequences of unmet Social Determinants of Health. Examines how policy development and institutional systems have created health inequities that oppress Black families in the maternal and infant health space and beyond. 


ROOTT Academy Session 1 Materials

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ROOTT Academy Session 2 Materials

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ROOTT Academy Session 3 Materials

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Black Fatherhood: The Whole Perspective (Video)


ROOTT Academy Session 4 Materials

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At the completion of the ROOTT Learning Academy, participants will present a final project using the learnings from the Learning Academy on Thursday, August 11th.

Using the web of causation covered in Session #1, choose one social determinant listed and plan how you will deconstruct that social determinant in your Healthy Start community. Include any potential barriers to addressing this and policies or structures that have contributed to the SDOH.


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