In December 2020, the Healthy Start TA & Support Center launched its first CIGNAL (Change Ideas to Grow, Nurture, and Lift Ideas) project. CIGNAL projects aim to enhance and strengthen the capacity of Healthy Start (HS) grantees to identify and execute change ideas focused on a specific topic (e.g., maternal mortality and morbidity, perinatal mental and behavioral health, and maternal and child health in rural communities).

Each CIGNAL project consists of two parts. First, the TASC hosts an expert meeting bringing together leaders and subject matter experts from various fields related to the CIGNAL project topic. During this meeting, the experts discuss the main challenges associated with the topic and brainstorm strategies (i.e., change ideas) that HS programs can use to address the topic on the ground. Next, the TASC hosts a webinar for all HS grantees, during which they recap the key issues and change ideas and invite Healthy Start grantees to share their experiences addressing the topic in their communities. The TASC also provides resources and tools that grantees can use to test the change ideas in their own communities.

To date, the TASC has hosted three CIGNAL projects. Click the links below to access the recordings and slides from the previous CIGNALs, and click the images below to view the corresponding artifacts.

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