2016 Healthy Start Convention

September 26, 2016 – September 28, 20162016

On September 26-28, 2016, all Healthy Start grantees attended the 2016 Healthy Start Convention: Community Action to Improve Pregnancy Outcomes, in Washington, DC.

The purpose of the Convention was to convene the Healthy Start Community as well as its maternal and child health  partners and stakeholders to build momentum, garner synergy and propel its work towards greater success in improving perinatal health outcomes. Attendance at the Convention was open to Healthy Start grantees and others working in the Maternal and Child Health community.

September 26-27: Scientific meeting for the maternal and child health community
September 28: Healthy Start Grantee Town Hall, Healthy Start CoIIN, and program management seminar (Grantees only)

Materials from the Convention are available below

2016 Healthy Start Convention Priorities

Convention Priorities: The 2016 Healthy Start Convention: Community Action to Improve Pregnancy Outcomes showcased the impact of the Healthy Start program, and other unique innovations that are improving the health of women, infants, families, and the community. Through a mix of session topics and formats, networking opportunities, and a variety of speakers, the 2016 Convention addressed the following key approaches:

1) Improving Women’s Health

2) Promoting Quality Services for Perinatal Health

3) Strengthening Family Resilience

4) Community-Level Systems Change and Achieving Collective Impact

5) Increasing accountability through quality improvement, performance monitoring, and evaluation

6) Innovations to improve pregnancy outcomes

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 2016 Healthy Start Convention Materials

Convention Agenda

Plenary Sessions

Breakout Session I: Improving Women’s Health

  • Community Health Workers (CHWs) on the Cutting Edge: Innovative Ways to Support and Enhance the Roles of CHWs within Healthy Start | Handout
  • Engaging in Care and Serving Hard-to-Reach Women | Handout
  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and Women’s Health | Handout
  • Integrating Healthy Start into Community Health Center Settings (Part I) | Handout
  • Program Interventions for Preconception, Prenatal, and Interconception Care | Greenwood Handout | Muelen Handout | Johnson Handout
  • Strengthening Your Client-Centered Program Using Community Voices | Browne Handout | Emple Handout
  • To Be, or Not To Be…Pregnant: One Key Question Panel | Handout 1 | Handout 2 | Handout 3 | Handout 4
  • Zika Virus Update and Resources | Handout

Breakout Session II: Quality Service Delivery

  • Breastfeeding Best Practices | Handout
  • First Trimester Prenatal Care Initiation Among Hispanic Women along the US-Mexico Border: An Investigational Study to Inform Collaborative Strategies | Handout
  • Healthy Start and FIMR Collaborations | Handout
  • Innovative Approaches for Improving Postpartum Engagement | Johnson Handout | Egerter Handout | Reed Vance Handout
  • Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and Quality Service Delivery | Handout
  • Preeclampsia: Impacting Mothers, Infants, and Families -Strategies for Improving Pregnancy Outcomes | Handout
  • Prenatal Care: Connecting with Clients Through Flexible Approaches to Home Visiting | Handout
  • Safe Sleep and Co-Sleeping Safely | Around Him Handout | Bronheim Handout

Breakout Session III: QI/Evaluation

Breakout Session IV: Strengthening Family Resilience

Breakout Session V: Community Level Systems Change/Achieving Collective Impact

  • Addressing Substance Use During Pregnancy Through Community Action | Handout
  • Community Engagement and Perinatal Health | Duah and Murray Handout | Kothari Handout | Roman Handout
  • Evaluating Collective Impact (CI):  A Review of Frameworks, Tools and Approaches | Handout
  • IT CAN BE DONE and IT CAN BE FUN:  Intentional, Interactive and Engaging Strategies to establish a viable CAN and Achieve Collective Impact  | Handout
  • Toxic Stress and Trauma and Community Engagement | Ake Handout | Willis Handout
  • Using Local Program Evaluation for Program Enhancements | Handout
  • Working with Women and Corrections | Handout

Breakout Session VI: Healthy Start Program

  • Recruitment and Retention | Handout
  • Healthy Start Project Management Workshop
  • Healthy Start Screening Tools: Identifying Participants’ Needs
  • Data and Monitoring: Healthy Start Benchmarks and Quality Improvement | Handout | Slides | Slides
  • Healthy Start Community Health Worker Course Preview | Handout 1 | Handout 2 | Handout 3