The project manager is responsible for achieving program goals in the project period. This responsibility includes establishing the timeline and tasks, assigning the tasks to staff, and monitoring project progress to ensure timely completion of all project activities.

Healthy Start Specifics

There are deadlines, milestones and important dates throughout the fiscal year that Healthy Start project manager must manage to satisfy program expectations and achieve project objectives. These include:

  • Due dates for Monthly Data Reports, Progress Reports, Federal Financial Reports (FFR), Impact Reports, and Performance Reports due to HRSA, as well as regular communications with your Project Officer and Healthy Start leadership.
  • Achievement of benchmarks and annual participant recruitment goals in accordance with your grant application.
  • Completion of tasks according to the schedule set forth in the project work plan.
  • Alignment of project activities with annual events in the maternal and child health (MCH) community including key national conferences and national awareness events to promote the visibility of the project and advance MCH priorities.

HRSA Resources

  • Timeline of Key Healthy Start Dates: Covers monthly communication with your Project Officer, the Healthy Start Convention, Healthy Start Regional Meetings, the National Healthy Start Association Spring Conference, Progress Reports deadlines, Annual Performance Report deadlines, and Federal Financial Report (FFR) deadlines.
  • Federal Financial Reports (FFR) Overview: Provides an overview of the FFR, including the FFR process, updates to the user interface, and step-by-step instructions for completing reports. A submission schedule is included on Slide 8 of the presentation.

Other Resources

  • Gantt Chart: Contains information on when to use a Gantt chart and how to develop a chart for your program.
  • Healthy Start Annual Events: A Healthy Start Convention is held in the fall of each year. In addition, Regional Meetings are held in each region annually, although the timing of the meetings varies from region to region. Check the Healthy Start EPIC Training Calendar for up-to-date information.
  • Major Annual Conferences: List of the national conferences most relevant to the work of Healthy Start with links to the sponsoring organization for more information.
  • Awareness Events: List of the national health awareness weeks and months most relevant to the work of Healthy Start. Healthy Start programs can consult this information when planning education and communication components of their program. For example, Infant Mortality Awareness Month (September) is a great time to promote the work of your program in your community.
  • Project Work Plan: Included in your grant application and annual progress reports is a work plan that details key deliverables and due dates for achieving milestones during the reporting period.