The Touchpoints approach offers healthcare providers and early education professionals a framework to build better partnerships with families around mutual strengths-based caregiving and parent engagement, all of which benefit child outcomes. Rooted in child social, emotional and behavioral development, Touchpoints seeks to improve parent-provider relationships, improve provider relationships with each other, enhance parent-infant relationships, moderate parental stress, normalize parent’s perceptions of their child’s behavior, increase well-child care adherence, improve infant developmental outcomes, improve maternal mental health indicators, and encourage longer breastfeeding. A variety of professional tools, training activities and learning communities are offered for providers.

T Berry Brazelton, MD, Brazleton Touchpoints Center, 2014

Evidence Rating: III

Cost: N/A

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Breastfeeding Other Parenting Education Socio-emotional Development for Children

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Parenting Postpartum

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Tools for providers

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