The Incredible Years

The Incredible Years (IY) Series is a set of interlocking and comprehensive training programs for parents, teachers and children. There are four basic parenting programs that target key developmental stages: IY Baby Program (0-8 months); IY Toddler Basic Program (1-3 years); IY Preschool Basic (3-6 years); IY School Age Basic (6-12 years) plus three adjunct parent programs focusing on cross-cutting issues. IY program goals include: Improved parent-child interactions, improved parental functioning, increased parental social support and problem solving, prevention and treatment of early onset conduct behaviors and emotional problems in children, and promotion of child social competence, emotional regulation, academic readiness and problem solving. For children over age 3, there are two child programs and one Incredible Teacher Classroom Management Program for teachers of children ages 3-8 .

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Parenting Education Socio-emotional Development for Children

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