SafeCare Augmented

SafeCare aims to prevent and address factors associated with child abuse and neglect. Eligible clients include families with a history of child maltreatment or families at risk for child maltreatment. SafeCare provides 18 to 22 weeks of training to parents with children from birth to age 5. During weekly or biweekly home visits, trained home visitors conduct baseline and follow-up assessments, observations, and trainings with parents. Trainings focus on three modules: 1) infant and child health, 2) home safety, and 3) parent-child interactions. SafeCare Augmented adds motivational interviewing and additional training of home visitors on identification and response to imminent child maltreatment and risk factors, such as substance abuse and depression. SafeCare Augmented was adapted for high-risk, rural communities. Only SafeCare Augmented is considered an evidence-based practice by HomVEE.

Georgia State University School of Public Health, 2003

Evidence Rating: II

Cost: N/A

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Home Visiting Intimate Partner Violence Parenting Education Socio-emotional Development for Children

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