4Ps Plus©

4Ps Plus© is the first validated instrument that has been developed to screen for alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drug use; depression; and domestic violence, specifically in pregnant women. In addition, brief intervention strategies, grounded in motivational interviewing techniques, are integrated into the screening process. “I am concerned…” is an interactive, multisensory psychoeducational approach that takes about five minutes and is administered to all women who are found through the screening process to be using alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs.

Alcohol/Drug Services Depression Intimate Partner Violence Prenatal Care and Education Risk Assessment Tobacco Cessation

Smoking Cessation for Pregnancy and Beyond: A Virtual Clinic

Smoking Cessation for Pregnancy and Beyond: A Virtual Clinic” is an updated online training, based on the “Virtual Practicum” model. This program offers various learning tools, including:interactive case simulations and comprehensive discussions of the patient visits, mini-lectures on relevant topics from leading experts, interviews with real patients who have quit, a dedicated web site of pertinent links and office resources.

EBP Implementation Tobacco Cessation

ASSIST – Alcohol, Smoking, and Substance Involvement Screening Test

The ASSIST (Alcohol, Smoking, and Substance Involvement Screening Test) is an 8-item questionnaire designed to be administered by a health worker to a client using paper and pencil, and takes about 5-10 minutes to administer. The ASSIST provides information about the substances people have ever used in their lifetime; those used in the past three months; problems related to substance use; risk of current or future harm; dependence; and injecting drug use. The ASSIST was designed to be culturally neutral and usable across a variety of cultures.

Alcohol/Drug Services Tobacco Cessation

Ask the Expert: Preconception Care

As a Healthy Start Grantee, you see the value in providing preconception care. This “Ask the Expert” webinar will feature a presentation by Dr. Brian Jack, Professor and Chair of the Department of Family Medicine at the Boston University School of Medicine and Boston Medical Center, about why preconception care is so critical for improving women’s health. It will also touch on approaches relevant to Healthy Start grantees for providing preconception care and possible barriers to providing this care. Useful resources on preconception care will also be shared.

By the end of the webinar, participants will be able to:


  • Define preconception care and its clinical content
  • Provide a brief history of preconception care in the US
  • Explain how preconception care could be one way to address poor birth outcomes, and disparities in poor birth outcomes, in the US
  • To propose approaches and resources for providing and promoting preconception care in various settings

Webinar Materials:

Healthy Weight Oral Health Reproductive Life Planning/Family Planning STDs including HIV Tobacco Cessation

Prenatal Plus Program

Prenatal Plus is a program that provides care coordination, nutrition and mental health counseling to Medicaid-eligible pregnant women in Colorado who are at a high risk for delivering low birth weight infants. The program uses the client-centered counseling approach with all participants to address a variety of issues that have been shown to have a negative impact on birth outcomes. The key health areas targeted by this program are healthy weight, smoking cessation and depression. The program has been demonstrated to decrease the rate of low-birth weight infants and resolve the risks putting women at risk of delivering low-birth weight infants.

Case Management/Care Coordination Depression Healthy Weight Tobacco Cessation

You Quit Two Quit

You Quit Two Quit aims to ensure that there is a comprehensive system in place to screen and treat tobacco use in women, pregnant women, and postpartum mothers. You Quit Two Quit focuses on low-income women, new mothers, and recidivism prevention. Project activities include increasing the number of providers who screen, advise, and refer patients to the North Carolina Quitline, distributing patient and provider education materials statewide, developing best-practice, sustainable, community based smoking cessation projects for women, pregnant women, and new moms, and creating continuity of care by focusing on the preconception, prenatal and perinatal periods, and including an emphasis on preventing postpartum relapse and eliminating second-hand smoke exposure.

Tobacco Cessation

The Smoking Cessation Reduction in Pregnancy Treatment (SCRIPT) Program

The SCRIPT program is designed to be a component of a patient education program for prenatal care providers. The program includes A Pregnant Woman’s Guide to Quit Smoking, a 40 page guide outlining a self-evaluation process to help women quit smoking over a 7 day period; a 15 minute motivational DVD; comprehensive counseling to help pregnant smokers quit or reduce their smoking; and follow up programming to help mothers establish a non-smoking home after birth.

Tobacco Cessation

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