Data Brown Bag – What Healthy Start Grantees Need to Know: Aggregate and Client Data

Grab your lunch and come listen to this brown bag webinar on monthly aggregate and client data requirements, for your Healthy Start program. The first half of the webinar will be presentation and the second half will be reserved for opportunities for Q/A.

Recommended Audience: All Healthy Start Grantees funded in 2019-2024

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Moving beyond surviving to thriving in times of transition – Sustainability and Transition Planning Tools for Healthy Start

Every organization experiences change. How successfully they deal with that change determines how well they will meet their mission for years to come. The most common change is a leadership transition, but changes to mission, structure, and funding can also occur.  All of these changes potentially impact sustainability and require some level of transition planning.  While we can’t always control changes, we can influence the outcomes to some extent through sustainability and transition planning.

During this conversation-style webinar, we will address the following points

  1. Provide an overview of sustainability and transition planning;
  2. Provide an overview of a sustainability framework to support programs developing an organizational sustainability plan; and
  3. Describe three levels of communication as the most important aspect of addressing change and implementing sustainability and transition plan;
  4. Incorporate ways in which strides and gains can be maintained.

 During the webinar, we will have a panel discussion about why sustainability and transition planning is relevant for Healthy Start; provide an overview of the CoIIN developed sustainability and transition planning packages; as well as hear about two real-world examples of implementing a sustainability plan and transition plan. Opportunities to share your own experience and ask questions will be offered.

Find webinar materials here: 

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