Engaging With Your Maternal Mortality Review Committee: What Healthy Start Grantees Need to Know

With the connection between maternal mortality and infant mortality, it is important for Healthy Start grantees to join efforts to support translating data into population-based action, through engaging with their state maternal mortality review committees (MMRCs). MMRCs craft recommendations deliberating the causes, critical factors, and preventability of individual maternal deaths.

This webinar will provide an overview of the purpose and goals of maternal mortality review committees, their purpose and how Healthy Start grantees can get involved. Julie Zaharatos, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will provide the MMRC overview and Ms. Lo Berry, President and CEO with REACHUP, a Healthy Start Grantee in Florida, will share her experience joining the Florida MMRC and how she’s leveraged this engagement to support her Healthy Start work and beyond. Resources and references will be shared.

Recommended Audience: All Healthy Start Grantees are encouraged to attend

  • We recommend that grantees who are currently on their MMRC attend and consider sharing their experience and examples
  • We also recommend grantees that are engaged with their Fetal Infant Mortality Review Committees attend
  • We also recommend grantees who have not yet contacted their State about joining their MMRC attend

Webinar Materials:

Data Utilization Maternal Morbidity and Mortality

Mothers and Babies

Mothers and Babies (MB) is a program that promotes healthy mood management by teaching pregnant women and new moms how to effectively respond to stress in their lives through increasing the frequency of thoughts and behaviors that lead to positive mood states. Designed as a perinatal depression prevention, the Mothers and Babies targets three specific risk factors: limited social support, lack of pleasant activities, and harmful thought patterns. Mothers and Babies offers a “toolkit” of approaches for women to observe their mood, note factors affecting their mood, and make changes in their daily lives to impact these areas. Based on principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), attachment theory, and psychoeducation, the Mothers and Babies Course is designed to be delivered by clinic- or community-based providers from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds, and can be delivered as a group intervention or as a one-on-one intervention in various settings where pregnant women access services (e.g. prenatal clinics, home visiting programs, WIC programs, County Health Departments, etc.).

Depression Home Visiting Maternal Morbidity and Mortality Mental Health Parenting Education Prenatal Care and Education

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