Revisiting Key Tools Highlighted During Recruitment & Retention Workshop

The EPIC Center’s Kim Bradley will host a virtual review of Measuring Your Baseline, The Funnel, and the Healthy Start Community Engagement and Outreach Planning Tool.  She will walk through the purpose and process for using each tool, answer questions, and ask participants to share their successes.  This session will be recorded and included on the website as an addition to the Recruitment and Retention Toolkit.

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Community Engagement

Conversations with the Division of Healthy Start and Perinatal Services

This webinar will cover updates from the Division, including the Healthy Start Monitoring and Evaluation Database (HSMED), 3Ps document, National Evaluation, MCH Journal supplement, 2016 Convention Committee Planning, and other important issues. JSI will provide an update on plans for the CHW training module, changes to the EPIC Center website, the Healthy Start CoIIN, and the new Community Workshops. There will also be an opportunity to submit questions to the Healthy Start federal leadership.
Webinar Materials:

Communication Community and Organizational Partnerships Community Engagement Program evaluation Quality Improvement Strategic Planning

Building Bridges Across the Professions: Promoting Successful Intraprofessional Collaborations

This keynote address will focus on how leaders can bring together diverse groups of people to tackle shared problems and achieve the common good.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Rationale for the importance of collaboration
  2. Advantages of collaboration
  3. Challenges of collaboration
  4. Appreciate the role of organizational structure and culture
  5. Model for collaboration

Community and Organizational Partnerships Community Engagement Group Processes/Facilitation Leadership

Healthy Start Regional Meeting (NJ, DC, MD)

Meeting Materials:

  • Meeting Agenda
  • Case Management-Care Coordination: Moving Participants from Here to There |  Slides
  • Understanding the Evaluation Process for Healthy Start Projects | Slides
  • Participant Recruitment, Retention, and Engagement | Slides
  • The Community Reference System | Worksheet
  • Top 100 Engagement | Worksheet
  • The Stakeholder Engagement Wheel | Worksheet
  • DC, MD, NJ Healthy Start Projects | Slides
  • MCH Title V Block Grant | Handout
  • Healthy Start EPIC Center | Services Offered Handout
  • The Healthy Start Collective Impact Peer Learning Network | Overview Handout

Case Management/Care Coordination Community Engagement Participant Recruitment and Retention Program evaluation

Special Initiative: Understanding the Role of Community Health Workers in Healthy Start

Community health workers (CHW) play an increasingly important role in helping Healthy Start (HS) Projects to keep women healthy. The Healthy Start EPIC Center has partnered with an outside researcher to explore the critical role played by CHWs through a survey of all HS grantees. The goal is to describe the role of CHWs in HS, including their background, experience, and primary responsibilities. The survey also explores training received, career advancement opportunities, potential impact on HS participant health outcomes, and progress around certification.  The HS EPIC Center will use the results of the survey to support CHWs who are part of HS Project teams, including the development of a customized training program accessible to all Healthy Start grantees.

This webinar will review the purpose and format of the survey, as well as how the Healthy Start EPIC center plans to use the results. We will provide an opportunity for grantees to ask any questions prior to beginning the survey. All responses for the survey will be due by August 7th.

Webinar Materials:

Community Engagement Risk Assessment

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