Healthy Start Regional Meeting (IL)

Meeting Materials:

  • Local Healthy Start Evaluation: Measuring Impact | Slides
  • Collective Impact | Recommended Reading
  • Sustaining Fatherhood Involvement Panel: Fathers as Assets to their Children, Families, and Communities | Slides
  • High Alignment/High Action | Handout
  • Action Aligned Commitments | Handout
  • The State of Infant Health in Illinois: Identifying Opportunities and Monitoring Change | Slides
  • Becoming Trauma Informed: Applying the Research to Our Work | Slides
  • Turn the Curve | Diagram and Questions
  • Person Role System Framework | Briefing Notes

Backbone Organization Case Management/Care Coordination Common Agenda Father/Partner Involvement Program evaluation

Ask the Expert: Launching Our Learning Together: Using Peer Learning Networks to Achieve Collective Impact

In an effort to support the Healthy Start Community of Grantees as we strive to “Achieve Collective Impact”, the EPIC Center will be launching six peer learning networks (PLN) each targeting a subset of HS grantees. The PLNs will be co-facilitated by a team member from both the Healthy Start Grantee Community and the EPIC Center. The PLNs will provide the opportunity for all grantees to learn from their peers, dive into more CI content, get exposed to additional CI tools that can assist when working through each of the CI conditions, and develop an action plan reflective of the unique characteristics and phase each grantee is currently in.

We are excited about the opportunity to create space to both learn from one another and highlight examples from the Healthy Start field as we continue the Collective Impact journey. Please participate on this webinar to learn more about the launching of the Collective Impact Peer Learning Networks.   This webinar would be appropriate for (but not exclusive to)  Healthy Start Project Directors, Program and Backbone staff involved with the Community Action Networks/Collective Impact Initiatives, Chairs/Key Stakeholders in leadership roles on the CAN/CI initiatives.

Webinar Materials:

Backbone Organization Common Agenda Continuous Communication Mutually Reinforcing Activities Shared Measurement

Collective Impact: Applying the Conditions and Concepts within the Community Context

Presenter: Sylvia Cheuy, Director, Tamarack – An Institute for Community Engagement
During the 2015 Spring National Healthy Start Association Conference, EPIC Center hosted a Collective Impact session. This session included:
  • A brief recap of Collective Impact, emphasizing its goal to promote thinking and acting differently in addressing complex community issues.
  • Emphasis on the importance of ongoing learning as a key strategy to accelerate the effective implementation of Collective Impact.
  • An emphasis on experiential learning – that includes providing tools and resources.
  • An opportunity to engage in peer sharing and Q & A with subject matter expert.
Session Materials:
Note: No session recording is available.

Backbone Organization Common Agenda Continuous Communication Mutually Reinforcing Activities Shared Measurement

Hear from Your Peer: Healthy Start and Collective Impact: Digging Deeper into a Community Engagement and Systems Change Approach

Collective Impact is a vital part of the Healthy Start program. This 90 minute webinar will continue the conversation on Collective Impact from what was shared at the November 2014 Healthy Start Convention. A refresher on the five conditions of Collective Impact that together lead to meaningful results will be reviewed (Common Agenda, Shared Measurement, Mutually Reinforcing Activities, Continuous Communication, and Backbone Support). Guidance and next steps for using Collective Impact in your program will also be shared by both Division staff and content expert, Sylvia Cheuy from Tamarack, during the webinar. Time will be allotted for questions and continued discussion opportunities following the webinar will be offered.


  • Review the five conditions of Collective Impact that lead to meaningful results.
  • Address outstanding questions poised during the Healthy Start Convention.
  • Discuss follow-up activities that Healthy Start grantees can take part in to continue the discussion around Collective Impact.
  • Engage in Q&A regarding grantees’ Collective Impact efforts.

Webinar Materials:

Backbone Organization Common Agenda Continuous Communication Mutually Reinforcing Activities Shared Measurement

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