Period of PURPLE Crying Program

The Period of PURPLE Crying program consists of a video and booklet that help new parents understand and safely cope with infant crying, the most common trigger for shaken baby syndrome. The materials describe normal infant crying, explain the easy-to-remember acronym PURPLE (with each letter standing for various features of infant crying), suggest strategies for comforting a baby, acknowledge caregiver frustration when a baby cannot be soothed, explain the dangers of shaking the infant, and outline a positive approach for handling an inconsolable infant. Labor and delivery or discharge nurses distribute these materials to new parents prior to hospital discharge. Pediatricians, public health workers, adoption agencies, and other organizations may also distribute these materials or reinforce their messages, which may be complemented by a public education campaign. There is also a website for parents.

National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome, 2003

Evidence Rating: I

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