Growing Great Kids: Prenatal to 36 Months Curriculum

Home visiting curriculum provides practitioners with research-informed “Home Visit Conversation Guides” for engaging parents, cultivating secure attachments, and bolstering child development, while building parenting, family strengthening, and other skills with parents who have experienced childhood adversity and other traumatic events. Growing Great Kids (GGK) builds Home Visitor competencies for: nurturing parental resiliency; advancing individual and family functioning; reducing a child’s exposure to toxic stress; nurturing parents’ problem-solving skills; strengthening the families’ support networks; and enabling parents to construct protective buffers around their children. Culturally-competent and father-inclusive. Includes guided modules with step-by-step, interactive questions to actively engage parents with the information and skills being presented. Curriculum Package includes a 12-month Professional Development Program, in addition to complimentary web based learning opportunities.

Great Kids, Inc.

Evidence Rating: III

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