During the remainder of this funding period, JSI/EPIC Center will provide support to Healthy Start grantees adopting the screening tools including working with grantees who plan to use the tools in their current form and grantees who will integrate questions from the tools into their existing screening processes. The following page provides ways in which you can connect with the HS EPIC Center for assistance.

Implementation Resources for Data Collection through March 2019

Healthy Start Screening Tools Technical Assistance Questions

This frequently asked technical assistance questions documents above include the most commonly asked questions from the EPIC Center Helpdesk and EPIC Center screening tool webinars regarding the six (6) Healthy Start screening tools, their completion, updates, follow-up, and changes, and their relationship to the Healthy Start performance measures.


HS EPIC Center staff is available by phone or email to answer general questions or to connect you with more in-depth TA through office hours or submission of TA request. To reach the EPIC Center Helpdesk staff  please call our toll free phone number 1-844-225-3713 or send us an email at healthystartepic@jsi.com


Webinars related to implementation of the screening tools are posted on the event calendar and will also be posted here.