Achieve Collective Impact

Healthy Start programs lead and participate in community collaboration, information sharing and advocacy through Community Action Networks (CAN) which involve Healthy Start participants, community-based organizations, providers and community leaders in efforts to strengthen community service systems and address social determinants of health. The Collective Impact framework is used to facilitate community collaboration to address specific social problems.

Consult the data dictionary for exact definitions and measurement of each benchmark.


Benchmark: CAN Implementation

Increase the proportion of HS grantees with a fully implemented Community Action Network (CAN) to 100%.

A Community Action Network, or CAN, is a formally organized partnership, advisory board or coalition of organizations and individuals. The CAN represents consumers and appropriate agencies that unite in an effort to collectively apply their resources to the implementation of one or more commons strategies to achieve a common goal within their service area.


Benchmark: Participant Membership in CAN

Increase the proportion of Healthy Start grantees with at least 25% community members and Healthy Start program participants serving as members of their CAN to 100%.

HS participant involvement in setting the community agenda and informing efforts to effectively meet the community’s needs is critical to the effectiveness of the Community Action Network (CAN).


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