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Ask the Expert: An Overview of the HUG Your Baby Program

This webinar will provide an overview of the HUG Your Baby Program. It will also cover teaching strategies for boosting parent confidence, facilitating the parent-child relationship and promoting breastfeeding duration supported by literature. Opportunities to receive training and resources on the HUG Your Baby program will be shared. Following this webinar, participants will be able […]

Ask the Expert: Stress, Depression, and Resilience

This webinar will present information on the impact and measurement of stress, depression, and resilience on pregnancy outcomes, especially for the populations served by Healthy Start sites. In this regard, the presentation will detail the context of contextual (toxic) stress and depression and elaborate on resilience as it mediates the toxic exposures for women before, […]

Ask the Expert: Preconception Care

As a Healthy Start Grantee, you see the value in providing preconception care. This "Ask the Expert" webinar will feature a presentation by Dr. Brian Jack, Professor and Chair of the Department of Family Medicine at the Boston University School of Medicine and Boston Medical Center, about why preconception care is so critical for improving […]

Ask the Expert: The Happiest Baby: Can We Reduce Infant Crying, Boost Sleep, and Reduce Abuse, SUID, and PPD…for the Cost of Breakfast?

Crying and sleeplessness are two of the greatest challenges for new parents. Persistent crying and parental exhaustion are key triggers of infant neglect (associated with postpartum anxiety and depression) and other serious medical conditions, including SIDS/suffocation, over-diagnosis of GERD, breastfeeding failure, marital stress, parental smoking, car accidents, and possibly infant obesity. In a paradigm shift, […]

Ask the Expert: Learn the Signs. Act Early.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's "Learn the Signs. Act Early." Program aims to improve early identification of children with autism and other developmental disabilities so children and families can get the services and support they need as early as possible. The health education campaign has a substantial amount of relevant information, tools, and […]

Ask the Expert: Using Doulas as a Resource for Case Management

This webinar will focus on the role of case management in HealthConnect One’s community-based doula model. Documented impact achieved with this program will be presented. The webinar will also provide examples of how this model can enhance programs.   At the end of this webinar, participants will be able to: Identify two important functions of […]

Ask the Expert: Reproductive Life Planning: Setting Goals for a Healthy Family

The CDC has recommended that everyone, both female and male, develop a Reproductive Life Plan. In this webinar, we will discuss what that means for participants in Healthy Start programs and, in particular, how it applies to contraception and preconception/interconception care. The benefits of reproductive life planning on maternal and infant health, as well as […]

Ask the Expert: CenteringPregnancy and CenteringParenting: Innovative Models for Prenatal, Well-Woman, and Well-Baby Care

Are you interested in learning about innovative systems-change models that are changing healthcare? If so, please join this Ask the Expert webinar where we will hear about CenteringPregnancy and CenteringParenting, which bring patients out of the exam room and into a unique group setting that combines care, education and community building. During the webinar the […]

Ask the Expert: Quality Family Planning Recommendations and Healthy Start

It is valuable for Healthy Start grantees to understand the newest recommendations for Quality Family Planning Services published by federal agencies including the CDC and Office of Population Affairs. These recommendations include how to provide family planning services so that individuals can achieve their desired number and spacing of children, increase the chances that a […]

Ask the Expert: How to Talk to Parents about Breastfeeding: Starting the Conversation

Breastfeeding is a critical part of promoting quality services for Healthy Start clients. This three-part archived webinar series led by Ms. Cathy Carothers of Everymother, Inc. is now available for listening to at your leisure. The webinars cover the following: Part I: The barriers to breastfeeding for parents and examples of open-ended questions for counseling […]

Ask the Expert: Domestic Violence Screening and Follow-Up

This webinar will address the importance of domestic violence/IPV prevention specific to Healthy Start grantees, evidence based approaches to screening and assessment, and where Healthy Start grantees can go for more information. Webinar Materials: Webinar Slides Webinar Recording Webinar Transcript Webinar FAQ

Ask the Expert: Quality Improvement 101 for Healthy Start Grantees

Are there work processes that frustrate you or the people you work with? Are you interested in a systematic approach to increasing effectiveness and efficiency of processes that will result in improved services for Healthy Start participants? If so, you may be interested in quality improvement (QI). As a team-based activity, QI is about making […]

Ask the Expert: “TWEAK” and “4P” to Ensure Healthy Pregnancies and Babies: An Overview of Substance Use Disorder Screening Tools

Screening pregnant and postpartum women is critically important to ensuring that women are cared for and connected to the services they may need to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy babies. This Ask the Expert webinar will provide an overview on Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) for identifying problematic drug and alcohol […]

Ask the Expert: Safe Sleep Best Practices – What Healthy Start Grantees Need to Know

This webinar will provide the most relevant information for Healthy Start grantees about the Safe to Sleep® Campaign and where they can go for more information and resources, such as the National Action Partnership for Promoting Safe Sleep (NAPPSS).   Webinar Materials: Webinar Slides Webinar Transcription Webinar Recording Webinar FAQs

Ask the Expert: Incorporating Social Media Into Your Infant Mortality Awareness Month Activities

Healthy Start projects across the country participate in the annual observance of September as Infant Mortality Awareness Month to raise awareness of Healthy Start’s role in addressing disparate infant mortality rates. Social media provides low cost ways to bring greater awareness to your Infant Mortality Awareness Month activities. This webinar is designed to showcase practical ways to use social media […]

Ask the Expert: FIMR & PPOR: Amazing Data Processes to Help Healthy Start Sites Improve Population Health

Fetal and Infant Mortality Review (FIMR) is a community-owned and action oriented process to improve service systems and resources for women, infants and families.  This evidence based process examines fetal and infant deaths, determines preventability, and engages community to take action. The focus of FIMR is to determine system gaps that contributed to the fetal or […]

Ask the Expert: Health Insurance Enrollment and Healthy Start

Open enrollment through the Health Insurance Marketplace is fast approaching (November 1, 2015 - January 31, 2016). In light of that date and in support of the Healthy Start benchmark to "Increase proportion of HS participants with health insurance to 90%," this webinar will provide Healthy Start staff with a reminder of the value of […]

Ask the Expert: Preconception Care

This webinar focuses on the basic elements of preconception care and why incorporating them into Healthy Start is essential to fulfilling the mission of decreasing infant mortality. The logistics of recruiting participants who are not pregnant into Healthy Start programs and managing their issues is discussed, along with case studies illustrating ways in which this can […]

Ask the Expert: Prenatal Care

This webinar will focus on helping Healthy Start team members: Support pregnant participants in making healthy lifestyle choices; Reinforce and clarify the advice and recommendations of participants' health care providers; Identify and help participants recognize warning signs that mother and/or baby may be at risk; and Help prepare participants for childbirth, breastfeeding, and parenting. Webinar […]

Ask the Expert: Postpartum Care

This webinar will focus on important postpartum issues, including maintaining physical and emotional health, breastfeeding, reproductive life planning, and care of the newborn. Webinar Materials: Webinar Slides Webinar Recording Webinar Transcription Webinar FAQ

Ask the Expert: Overview of Safe Homes/Safe Babies: A Train the Trainer Curriculum on Domestic Violence and Reproductive Coercion

Futures Without Violence (FUTURES) is delighted to announce a new Curriculum for Perinatal Case Management Programs! FUTURES has worked with Healthy Start Sites nationally for nearly two decades and this curriculum reflects what staff said they needed to best support themselves as well as their families around domestic violence. Safe Homes/Safe Babies: A Train the […]

Ask the Expert: Parenting Children from Birth to Age 2

This webinar will focus on helping Healthy Start team members: Support participants in making healthy parenting choices Assist parents in creating safe environments for their young children Reinforce and clarify the advice and recommendations of babies' health care providers Identify and help parents recognize warning signs that a baby or young child may be at […]

Ask the Expert: Improving the health of Women, Children and Men: A Primer on Preventive Services Covered Under the Affordable Care Act

Healthy Start programs are an invaluable resource for women, children and men to increase their understanding of the preventive services covered under the Affordable Care Act. For example, did you know that comprehensive breastfeeding support and counseling from trained providers, and access to breastfeeding supplies, for pregnant and nursing women is a covered benefit under […]

How Healthy Start Can Address Trauma and its Connection to Personal and Familial History

This webinar will provide an overview and definition of trauma in the context of its connection to personal and familial history. It will also cover how trauma impacts families and those working with families. Strategies and practical approaches for Healthy Start staff who are working with pregnant women and families who have experienced trauma or even […]

Ask the Expert/Screening Tools Initiative: Talking Participants through the Healthy Start Screening Tools

The art of asking sensitive questions requires the strategic use of communication skills. Healthy Start participants should feel respected throughout the screening process and know how the information will be used to best tailor the services they need. This webinar will provide Healthy Start staff who administer the screening tools the fundamental approaches that will […]

Using SBIRT in Healthy Start: Destigmatizing Addiction and Cultural Considerations

Screening techniques are critically important to the Healthy Start community. This webinar will review the screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment (SBIRT) approach specific to participant's behavioral health. Strategies for identifying appropriate terms to destigmatize addiction will also be covered. The webinar will also address resources for navigating resources treatment and recovery services for […]

Ask The Expert: Maternal Mortality and Healthy Start

This webinar will provide background for the connection between maternal mortality and infant mortality. Two considerations for increased understanding of and preventing maternal deaths will be shared; first the chronic disease consideration and second, the injury and accident-related considerations. Resources and examples for looking at preventability will be shared. Materials: Slides Recording Transcription

Ask The Expert: Introduction to FASD Screening and Diagnosis

This webinar will expand upon the first fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) webinar, to delve further into the effects of alcohol on pregnancy outcomes. Also, information about screening and referrals for diagnosis will be presented, including considerations involved for making an appropriate referral for an fetal alcohol syndrome diagnostic assessment. Materials: Slides Quick Start List […]

Healthy Living Initiative: Taking a Landscape View to Healthy Living: How our surroundings influence our ability to live healthy, and what changes Healthy Start programs can make to support living healthy at all levels

Supporting Healthy Start participants in their ability to live healthy - eating well, being active, and managing stress - is of critical importance for Healthy Start programs, as these factors influence a woman's health outcomes at all stages of her life. Supporting staff health is also a priority. Yet our ability to live healthy is […]

Ask the Expert: What are the Long-term Effects and Impacts of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) on Individuals and their Families?

This webinar was conducted in observance of FASD Awareness Month in September. It featured the Vice President and Spokesperson for the National Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (NOFAS), Kathy Mitchell. The webinar reviewed effects of FASD on children and adults across the lifespan, including developmental, behavioral and physical. Additionally, this webinar reviewed strategies and language […]

Healthy Living Initiative: Supporting Healthy Eating: Strategies for Healthy Start Programs

This webinar provides specific ideas for how Healthy Start programs can support staff and participants to eat healthy. Strategies for supporting healthy eating at the community, Healthy Start program, and individual participant level are shared. Case studies and examples of how two Healthy Start programs are currently implementing these strategies are highlighted. This is the […]

Healthy Living Initiative: Managing Stress: Strategies for Healthy Start Programs

This webinar provides specific ideas for how Healthy Start programs can support staff and participants to reduce stress. Strategies for supporting stress management at the community, Healthy Start program, and individual participant-level are shared. Case studies and examples of how Healthy Start programs are currently implementing these strategies are highlighted. This is the final webinar […]

Ask The Expert: How does prenatal exposure to alcohol, marijuana, opioids and other substances affect maternal and child health outcomes?

The use of substances such alcohol, marijuana, methamphetamines, opioids and other drugs during pregnancy can have life-long health implications for the mother and her child. Randall Brown MD, PhD, FASAM, Director of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Hospital Center for Addictive Disorders, reviews the most recent data on these substances and their associated neonatal and childhood […]

Ask the Expert: Data Integrity from a Healthy Start Perspective

Are you wondering if more could be done to improve the quality of your data? If so, this is the webinar for you. Through the lens of a case manager, we  reflect on the importance of ensuring data quality and integrity. The webinar covers strategies for communicating with staff the importance of collecting and entering […]

Ask the Expert: Program P: Engaging Men in Fatherhood and Care through Gender-Transformative Programming

This webinar serves as an opportunity for Healthy Start grantees to learn more about the resources and models for men's caregiving programming that Promundo has developed together with their partners to advance and engage men in active fatherhood. Promundo staff present the Program P ("P" for padre and pai in Spanish and Portuguese, respectively) initiative, […]

Ask the Expert: Criminalization and Legal Implications of Substance Use Among Pregnant Women as it Impacts Tribal Communities

This webinar focuses on issues related to pregnant women in tribal communities and common reasons they do not self-report substance use due to fear of child removal, fear of legal action. Issues surrounding lack of knowledge or awareness among care providers about how to respond when women self-disclose substance use while pregnant are reviewed. Current […]

Ask the Expert: Developing an Effective Grant Proposal: Part One

This is the first of two webinars that will provide a general overview of the basic structure and key elements of a grant proposal. It will include helpful hints and strategies to create a logic model and other techniques and helpful tips. Slides Recording  Transcript

Ask the Expert: Developing an Effective Grant Proposal: Part Two

This second webinar that will continue the general overview of the basic structure and key elements of a grant proposal and strategies to write SMART goals and objectives and other techniques and helpful tips. Slides Recording  Transcript

Ask the Expert: Data Security 101: HIPAA Privacy Rule Webinar

Are you interested in learning more about HIPAA provisions and data security requirements as they relate to your Healthy Start program? Are you wondering when it applies to your data sharing? Would you like to hear best practices? If so, please join this Ask the Expert webinar where we will cover an overview of HIPAA […]

Ask the Expert: The Fourth Trimester: A new paradigm for preventing maternal mortality

Given the urgent need to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) released a revised Committee Opinion to reinforce the importance of the “fourth trimester,” and to propose a new paradigm for postpartum care.  Redefining postpartum care is an initiative set forth by ACOG’s  most recent past president Haywood […]

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