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Special Initiative: Healthy Start Screening Tools Launch

January 11, 2016 @ 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Recognizing the importance of articulating a conceptual framework and science base for the long-term sustainability of the Healthy Start program, HS CoIIN members expressed a majority interest in focusing HS CoIIN efforts on identifying opportunities for standardizing elements of the program.

Screening has always been a fundamental component of Healthy Start services, and provides an important starting point for Healthy Start’s case management approach.  A common, standardized screening approach will help to ensure comprehensive and consistent assessment of participants’ needs across all Healthy Start programs.

For the past nine months, the Healthy Start CoIIN composed of 20 HS grantees from all corners of the country, has been hard at work developing a standardized risk screening approach to be used by all HS programs with all HS participants.

Feedback from the entire Healthy Start community is ESSENTIAL and NECESSARY to make these screening tools the best they can be so they can fully represent the core strengths of the Healthy Start program. Don’t miss the opportunity to review these tools from your perspective serving HS participants.

Have your Say! Screening Tools Comment Period Jan. 12-29, 2016

Process for Submission of Feedback: 

Please review the draft screening tools with all staff involved in screening participants. After reviewing the tools, work as a team to summarize and submit your organization’s feedback. We will accept one feedback form per Healthy Start program.

Each screening tool has a separate comment form. If you need to return to a previous page that you have already completed, please use the “Prev” button at the bottom of each page (rather than the internet back arrow at the top of the screen).  This will avoid any internet-based hiccups. The format of each comment form is the same and includes evaluation criteria along with an invitation to participate as a pilot testing site. The pilot testing is scheduled for March for CoIIN and April for non-CoIIN members.

Thank you for reviewing and participating in the comment period for the screening tools. Your feedback is an important part of ensuring the quality and utility of the tools.  The comment period will be open from January 12 through midnight January 29, 2016.

Webinar Description:
The CoIIN Co-Chairs will review the screening tool development process and present the six (6) different screening tools to the audience, reviewing the purpose and target audience for each tool.
Get your first look at the new screening tools! Healthy Start CoIIN co-chairs Gwen Daniels and Sara Kinsman will:
  • Describe the process followed by the HS CoIIN to develop the set of six screening tools;
  • Provide an overview of each screening tool, its scope, and which participants it applies to; and
  • Introduce the online form grantees will use to give feedback and suggestions on the new screening tools.

Webinar Materials:

Project Scope
Risk Assessment

Increase Accountability

Quality Improvement/Evaluation


Special Initiative
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