The Training and Technical Assistance Team develops and delivers curricula through coordinated training activities to increase the knowledge, skills and abilities of all HS team members from frontline staff to project directors. We also provide technical assistance to Healthy Start programs through a variety of methods that effectively address program-specific challenges and capacity building needs.


Image of Megan Hiltner with vision statement, “My vision for the future is to support opportunities that improve health equity for maternal, infant, and family health. I have two young sons who have significantly shaped my vision and my commitment to this vision in areas such as confronting privilege, addressing harmful stereotypes, and promoting healthy relationships.”


Megan Hiltner, MPH, CLC focuses her work on improving maternal and child health programs and systems. She has served as a consultant, trainer, and project director on early childhood development, family planning, and women’s health projects. Megan has a masters in public health from Boston University with a concentration in maternal and child health. She is certified in the Technology of Participation (ToP) facilitation method, adult learning theory, and as a lactation counselor (CLC). Megan is the Training Team Lead for the Healthy Start EPIC Center, guiding training activities including webinars, peer learning networks, regional meetings, and conferences. She is also a member of the Executive Leadership Team.


Image of Naomi Clemmons with vision statement, "“My vision for MCH stems from the strong belief that communities – women, children, men, and the diverse configurations of families – are agents of change. The beliefs, values, dreams that bring us together – the human connectedness – help shape the future of generations to come. My vision is to ensure that the social determinants do not impede these dreams and the potential of the next generation.”


Naomi Clemmons, MPH, has over twenty years of experience in the field of maternal and child health, working in partnership with communities, state, and federal government agencies as well as health centers to identify strategies for ensuring responsive systems of care and services for diverse populations. She has worked to address social determinants impacting the health and well-being of infants, women, children and their families, striving for health and racial equity. Naomi is the Technical Assistance Lead for the Healthy Start EPIC Center, ensuring culturally relevant and expert support that is responsive and tailored to local program’s specific needs and contexts.


Image of Aisha Moore with vision statement, “My vision for maternal, family, and infant health is that all families regardless of race, income, geography, or language receive the support they need to thrive from birth to beyond.”


Aisha Moore, MPH works with local, state, and federal government public health programs to improve program operations, communications, and engagement with communities to address health equity. Aisha believes that offering public health programs both professional and organizational development improves the chance of solving complex public health problems. She received her Masters of Public Health in Health Behavior and Health Education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Aisha provides training and TA to Healthy Start grantees including regional meetings, the Cultivating Leaders Initiative, and peer learning networks. Aisha is also a member of the Executive Leadership Team.


Image of Amanda Baker with vision statement, “My vision for maternal, infant, and family health is a reduction in disparities in access to healthcare services while enhancing the empowerment of women, children, and families in their communities.”


Amanda Baker, MPH has worked extensively with HRSA funded programs, including MCHB and BPHC programs. She has three years of experience providing technical assistance to community-based organizations and Federally Qualified Health Centers with a particular focus on data collection and performance data. She earned her Masters of Public Health from the State University at Albany’s School of Public Health with a focus in epidemiology. Amanda is a TA Coordinator and also serves as the Help Desk Team Lead.


Image of Catherine Bodkin with vision statement, "“My hope is for all children to grow up within a loving home, with healthy parents and other relatives who feel empowered to create a positive future and within a safe, resourceful community that encourages every boy and girl to reach a better future. Caring relationships at all levels are the key.”


Catherine Bodkin, LCSW, MSHA, is a Senior Technical Assistance Specialist with ZERO TO THREE. She provides virtual and in-person technical assistance to communities and states, including Healthy Start grantees. She has facilitated communities of practice; coordinated webinars on sustainability, use of technology in home visiting, maternal depression and domestic violence; planned regional grantee meetings; developed a mentoring program; and participated in leadership training and conducted on-site program implementation reviews.


Image of Durrell Fox with vision statement, “My vision is that all fathers are supported, uplifted and provided with the tools to achieve their full potential to positively impact the growth, development, wellness and nurturing of their children and families.”


Durrell J. Fox is a Community Health Worker (CHW) with over 27 years of experience providing outreach, direct services, case management support and advocacy for HIV+ adolescents/young adults, their families and communities. He is currently a Community Health Worker-Health Equity Consultant providing technical assistance. He is a proud member of the CHW workforce continuing to serve in a volunteer CHW role coordinating and staffing a young men’s rites of passage program. Durrell serves as Fatherhood Initiative Lead.


Image of Hannabah Blue with vision statement, "I envision our society, as many Native communities do, centering the values of the next generation, the sacred bringers of life, and those who care for and nurture our babies and children.”


Hannabah Blue is Dine’ (Navajo), originally from New Mexico, and has over 10 years in working in Tribal Public Health, with an emphasis on maternal and child health, sexual health, and substance use. She has a MSPH from the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, with concentrations in Maternal and Child Health, and Women, Gender and Health. Hannabah is a member of the AStEPP team, a Technical Assistance Coordinator, and supports the Cultivating Leadership Initiative.



Image of Dr. Jan Shepherd with vision statement, “My hope for the future is that all women will be empowered to choose whether to have children, when and how many, their deliveries will be safe for mother and baby, and they will receive the postpartum support needed to create strong healthy families."


Jan Shepherd MD, FACOG, is an obstetrician/ gynecologist with many years experience in patient care, medical education, and public health systems. She has delivered hundreds of babies, taught women’s health in numerous venues, and participated in policy development at both the state and national levels. Dr. Shepherd currently serves as Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, Medical Director for the Women’s Wellness Connection at the State of Colorado, and clinician/consultant for two women’s health clinics in the Denver area. She serves as Healthy Start EPIC Center Medical Advisor for Maternal Child Health Competencies and Best Practices.


Image of Jillian Maccini with vision statement, “My vision for promoting maternal, infant, and family health is that those supporting mothers, babies, and family will use all information and data available to maximize the impact of their services by meeting those in need where they are and addressing the most pressing needs.”


Since 2012, Jillian Maccini has worked closely with the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, Healthy Start programs, Federally Qualified Health Centers, and other community based organizations to develop meaningful performance measurement and related quality improvement activities. Through tailored guidance, technical assistance, and training, she supports organizations in reporting processes and related workflows. Jillian received her MBA from Simmons College and is both a certified Project Management Professional and Patient Centered Medical Home Certified Content Expert.


Image of Jodie Albert with vision statement, “My vision for maternal, infant, and family health is a world where all families have access to healthier beginnings and better health outcomes despite economic, health, and social challenges.”


Jodie Albert has over fifteen years’ experience working in training, program planning and administration including conference logistics and coordination. On the Healthy Start EPIC training team, she is the primary person responsible for meeting and webinar logistics. Jodie has Certified Government Meeting Professional (CGMP) designation. In her many years as a successful project coordinator for JSI, she strives to use new forms of technology to improve the training experience for all attendees.


Image of Karuna Chibber with vision statement, “I deeply believe that health is a fundamental human right. I envision a future where irrespective of zip code, race, or ethnicity, all women, children, and families have the resources, support, and information they need to thrive and live life to their highest potential.”


Karuna S. Chibber, DrPH. has over 15 years of experience as a researcher and evaluator working with local, state, and federal clients, community based organizations, and health plans to design, execute, monitor and evaluate programs. Her work focuses on maternal and child health, reproductive health, and preventing and responding to gender inequities. Karuna received a Doctor in Public Health from the University of California, Berkeley and completed post- doctoral training in Women’s Health and Empowerment from the University of California, San Francisco.


Image of Katelyn Flaherty Dore with vision statement and bio


Katelyn Flaherty Dore, MPH, CLC has 14 years of experience working with and supporting the maternal and child health (MCH) workforce. She has a masters in publich health from Boston University with a concentration in MCH and is a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC). Katelyn facilitates serves as a TA Coordinator for the Healthy Start EPIC Center and facilitates peer learning networks. She is also the Online Technologies Team Lead.


Image of Katie Robert with vision statement, “My vision for promoting maternal, infant, and family health is for all families with young children to be empowered to advocate for themselves, and have safe, equitable access to the supports and resources they need to give their babies the best start possible to a healthy, productive life.”


Katie Robert, MPA has managed many state and national project teams with staff and subcontractors located across the country. Katie is a diversity and cultural competence trainer, an active Board members with her local Public Health Association, and was part of the first cohort of local nonprofit leaders participating in a year-long intensive racial and health equity learning exchange. A proud Wildcat out of the University of New Hampshire, Katie has a Masters in Public Administration. She is a TA Coordinator and manages the lactation counselor training scholarship process. Katie is also a member of the Executive Leadership Team.


Image of Maria Walawender with vision statement, “I envision a world where all mothers – regardless of race, ethnicity, or ZIP code – have access to the resources they need to have healthy pregnancies and raise healthy children.”


Maria Walawender holds a Bachelor of Science in public health from Saint Louis University. She completed a post-baccalaureate internship in Washington, D.C. focused on health equity. While she now calls New Hampshire home, Maria is a proud Michigander. She supports content development for the Healthy Start EPIC Center website and social media. She is also a member of the Help Desk and Online Technologies and Materials Development Teams.


Image of Michelle Vatalaro with vision statement, “My vision for maternal, infant, and family health is for all types of families to receive the support and resources that they need in order to thrive.”


Michelle Vatalaro, MPH specializes in curriculum development and distance learning. She has developed trainings on community maternal and child health, HIV prevention, health literacy, trauma informed care, abusive head trauma, child injury prevention, and quality improvement. Michelle has supported the development of the Healthy Start Community Health Worker Course, developed the Project Management Hub, assists on webinars, and supports the AStEPP team. She earned a BA from Colgate University and a MPH in Behavioral Science and Health Education from Emory University Rollins School of Public Health.


Image of Naima Morales Cozier with vision statement, “I envision a future where all babies born in the United States have the opportunity to develop into prosperous, healthy, and mindful adults.”


Naima Morales Cozier, MSPH, has 18 years of experience in training, curriculum design, and monitoring/evaluation for public health agencies. She is adept in the application of adult learning theory during both in-person and virtual training delivery. As a woman of color and mother, Naima has experienced first-hand the inequities that contribute to the poor health outcomes for black women and their children in U.S. and applies that lens to her work. She holds a MSPH from Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. Naima serves as a TA Coordinator, Cultivating Leadership Initiative Co-Lead, and expert trainer and TA provider.