The Executive Leadership Team provides comprehensive oversight, guidance, and monitoring to the Healthy Start EPIC Center.


Image of Suz with word bubble, “My vision for maternal, infant, and family health is for all children to have the opportunity for a healthy, safe, and productive life in a supportive and extended family. Men and women will make informed decisions to have children and receive the support of their partner, family, friends, and community in raising children.”


Suz Friedrich, MBA, PMP has worked for the past 30 years at the national, state, and local level to improve the health and well being of vulnerable populations, Much of this work has focused on using data to support quality improvement activities to achieve improved health outcomes. She believes the best way to improve the health of individuals is by strengthening communities and providing a healthy environment in which to live, work, and play. Suz serves as the Project Director for the Healthy Start EPIC Center with overall responsibility for ensuring that the technical assistance and training services provided to Healthy Start program staff support local efforts to provide effective and relevant services to Healthy Start participants.


Image of Megan Hiltner with vision statement, “My vision for the future is to support opportunities that improve health equity for maternal, infant, and family health. I have two young sons who have significantly shaped my vision and my commitment to this vision in areas such as confronting privilege, addressing harmful stereotypes, and promoting healthy relationships.”


Megan Hiltner, MPH, CLC focuses her work on improving maternal and child health programs and systems. She has served as a consultant, trainer, and project director on early childhood development, family planning, and women’s health projects. Megan has a masters in public health from Boston University with a concentration in maternal and child health. She is certified in the Technology of Participation (ToP) facilitation method, adult learning theory, and as a lactation counselor (CLC). Megan is the Training Team Lead for the Healthy Start EPIC Center, guiding training activities including webinars, peer learning communities, regional meetings, and conferences.


Image of Aisha Moore with vision statement, “My vision for maternal, family, and infant health is that all families regardless of race, income, geography, or language receive the support they need to thrive from birth to beyond.”


Aisha Moore, MPH works with local, state, and federal government public health programs to improve program operations, communications, and engagement with communities to address health equity. Aisha believes that offering public health programs both professional and organizational development improves the chance of solving complex public health problems. She brings 18 years of experience of supporting public health programs to achieve the optimal outcomes for the program, their clients, and their communities. She received her Masters of Public Health in Health Behavior and Health Education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Aisha is also a member of the Training and Technical Assistance Team.


Image of Katie Robert with vision statement, “My vision for promoting maternal, infant, and family health is for all families with young children to be empowered to advocate for themselves, and have safe, equitable access to the supports and resources they need to give their babies the best start possible to a healthy, productive life.”


Katie Robert, MPA has managed many state and national project teams with staff and subcontractors located across the country. Katie is a diversity and cultural competence trainer, an active Board members with her local Public Health Association, and was part of the first cohort of local nonprofit leaders participating in a year-long intensive racial and health equity learning exchange. A proud Wildcat out of the University of New Hampshire, Katie has a Masters in Public Administration. Katie is also a member of the Help Desk and Training and Technical Assistance Teams.